Few Amazing Facts About Testosterone


Everyone should know about the Testosterone ( from now on called as T) which is a dominant male hormone secreted in the testicles of men and some portions in the ovaries of women. As per the findings by testo max, Testosterone plays a virtuous cycle in regulating the body. With the increasing level of T one gets healthier and the decreased T levels people suffering from their health. When health suffers, T levels to show decreasing trends. This cycle goes on without any end. Readers are suggested here to browse the website www.fitnessmagazine.com to know more inputs about the popular hormone Testosterone.

Let us now discuss the benefits of the optimum T levels maintained in our body. According to the medical experts, the aspect of optimum T level is determined by various factors like age, heredity, other health conditions, and so on. Lower T level can lead to depression wherein the mystery cycle plays a role where no one can find the cause or effect. Low levels of T may even cause emotional stress or depressions in men. Research has found men with low levels of testosterone to be four times more prone to clinical depression. But findings have proved that positive things have been seen with the depressed patients after administering Treatments. Normal T level regulates insulin, glucose as well as fat metabolism. On the other hand, these conditions reverse when T levels are found low.

As with age, the T levels decrease so do a man’s sexual function. Research also says that if you are suddenly experiencing a decreased libido or less interest in your sexual life, the chances are that your testosterone levels have gone down. While it is normal for men to have low levels at times, if the problem persists, it is time to see your doctor.

There is an interesting finding has reported recently that the increase of adipose tissue decreases the T levels since this tissue converts it into estrogen. According to the medical experts that T treatment can break the T’s virtuous cycle Higher T level increase the muscle mass which results in getting better body strength. This condition works well for the bodybuilders due to the muscle building magic through protein synthesis. The T always strengthens your heart to a great extent. However, these are still a debate is that person who has higher T level have an increased risk of some heart disease.

Some of the effects of T level imbalance are shared here for the benefit of the readers. If anyone experiences loss of stamina or frequently getting tired without much work or exercise, it may be due to low levels of testosterone. In general men, folks quite frequently blame their tiredness due to their work pressure. In such cases, one needs to keep a watch for abnormality in the pattern of their lifestyle.

More often men folks may feel the degeneration of muscle despite their regular course of workouts. Also, a weight loss can be seen with a decrease in height. One should not ignore these symptoms, and it is better to meet the doctor. Many times lower T levels are responsible for the maintenance of muscles and bones; these mentioned conditions may be due to their reduced levels.

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